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Some men change their party for the sake of their principles; others their principles for the sake of their party.
- Winston Churchill

Eagle Performance Products, founded in 1974 is a privately held company based in Calhoun, GA. All of your technical support, administrative and manufacturing is provided from our facilities in Calhoun. We have offices in Delaware and Atlanta to support our direct salesmen and manufacturing representatives throughout the United States and Canada. We believe that focusing on the needs of our customers is the key to our success. Our goals are:

Our size and location allow us to provide responsive service and support. Eagle Performance Products' growth over the past 30 years is directly related to customer service and a loyal customer base. We are experts in our field and maintain a growth philosophy that never lets us wander too far from our core. We are currently positioned to accommodate this changing world of tougher flame retardant standards and increased environmental regulations.

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Eagle Performance Products Inc. | PO Box 1177 Calhoun GA 30703 | Phone: 706-629-1044 | Fax: 706-629-9209

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